Bridal Web Solutions is excited to announce the addition of Customer Portals and E-Commerce!
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A web based business management software designed exclusively for the Bridal, Prom & Tuxedo industry.
Unlimited Stations
Manage Orders
Nightly Backups
Manage Inventory
Customer Support
Manage Customers
Appointment Booking
Customer Texting
Customer Emailing
Supplier Emailing
Employee Scheduling
Prom/Event Tracking
Employee Punch Clock
Free Upgrades
& so much more!
Point of Sale /
Customer Management
Our fast and efficient invoicing and customer management features can be recalled quickly and easily. Manage all of your prospective customers and track and follow up with them via email.
Analyzing and accessing reports is fast and accurate. Have the knowledge to make educated decisions when it comes to sales, costs, inventory, ordering, employee scheduling and more. All reports are included.
Ordering Department
Our centralized ordering center helps save you valuable time and ensure hassle free experience. Your orders can be printed, e-faxed or emailed directly to your suppliers with the click of a button.
Inventory Management
Determine profitability by viewing top selling sizes, colours, products and suppliers. Upload your own images to make it easier for you and your staff to sell. Bridal Web Solutions is also barcode compatible to ensure error-free inventory.
Computerized Appointment Book
Link your appointment book to your website! Customize the appointment settings to have what you want - when you want it! Linked with your customer's file, the appointment book allows you to track appointments from start to finish. Easily send out reminders to customers of their upcoming or missed appointments.
Prom Tracking
Keeping track of styles sold for each event has never been easier! Reports and invoicing alerts will ensure no duplicated styles and colours are sold to the same event.
I have been in the bridal industry for over 20 years and no other system even compares to Bridal Web Solutions. This system has saved me countless time and man-hours and it was easy to learn. BWS has enabled my business to grow and my life has been made easier.
Lillian B.
Alberta, Canada
The BWS program knows what you need to run a successful bridal business; it is easy to learn and to navigate.

One of the best features that I have gained is tracking my employees closing rates, knowing exactly how much money they are selling per hr/week and for my business this is the bottom line.

Just being able to log in and check upcoming weddings, their merchandise and accounts receivable is a huge bonus as well - everything is documented. This aspect has eliminated our paperwork, guess work and expensive.

I can not say enough great things about this program; I truly wish I would have set it up years ago.
Trena M.
Wyoming, United States
We have been using BWS for 7 years. It is a fantastic system for point of sale and managing customer and wedding party accounts. I especially like how easy it is to place and track purchase orders and check in the merchandise when it arrives.
Sue R.
Michigan, United States
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